Tambola Online Slots

If you enjoy playing bingo games then you’ll love playing bingo slots. Players all over the world love slot machines, whether they call fruit machines in the United Kingdom or pokies over in Australia. The fast-paced games give instant wins. Watch as the reels swirl in front of your eyes. Soon, you’ll hit the jackpot and enjoy winning real cash payouts.

In this game of chance, players pull the lever and watch as colorful symbols spin across the reels. If matching symbols land along a payline, you’ve won! Watch as your casino bank fills with real cash payouts. You could become the next big winner!

Play bingo slots with exciting themes!

Players love online bingo slots with entertaining themes and cool animations. You can play adventure-themed slots with pirates or aliens. You can find cute, cuddly cats and dogs on bingo slots. Slot machines also have characters from your favourite Bollywood movies, TV shows, or comic books.

How to Play Online Slots

Perhaps one of the reasons that so many online bingo players also love slots is because they both have easy rules. Anyone can learn to play! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Below you can find the step by step guidelines to how to play online slots.

Step 1: Place your bet

  • Before the game begins, each player needs to place their bets. With online slot machines, you can easily adjust your bet by pushing the + and – buttons on the slot.

Step 2: Spin the reels

  • Now it’s time for the game to begin! Players can usually start a game of online bingo slots simply by pushing the “Spin” button on the screen. Suddenly, the reels will start whirling across the machine before landing in random order.

Step 3: Cash in your winnings

  • Once the reels stop spinning, if matching symbols line up along one of the paylines, you win! The best slots will pay out lots of cash in winnings. Keep playing to watch as your casino account keeps on growing with every spin.

Types of Online Slots

Just like online bingo, you can find many varieties of online slots. Players love trying out different kinds of bingo slots to get a new experience and keep things fun. Below you can find out all the varieties in the wonderful world of slots!

3 reel online slots: 3 reel slots stand out as one of the earliest versions of slot machines, which is why many people also call them classic slots. Just as the name suggests, the slot machine has 3 reels. Typically, 3 reel slots will have between 3 to 5 paylines. Sometimes people call them fruit machines because they traditionally had symbols like cherries and lemons swirling across the reels. Today, you can find a variety of 3 reel slots with different themes.

5 reel online slots: 5 reel slots usually have 3 to 5 paylines on a total of 5 reels. You can find lots of 5 reel slots with a variety of themes based on exotic places, comic books, sports, popular movies, and TV shows.

243 ways to win online slots: 243 ways to wins slot stand out as one of the newest kinds of games. These types of online slots have a whopping 243 ways to win, giving players plenty of chances hit a matching payline.

Progressive jackpot online slots: Progressive jackpots online slots have huge prizes worth millions. Progressive jackpot games pool together a portion of each player’s bet. Every time a player wagers, the jackpot grows. Progressive jackpots get larger and larger until a lucky player lands on the special jackpot combination and takes home the grand prize!

Online video slots: Whereas classic slots tend to have basic symbols, video slots feature sophisticated graphics and animations that come to life after a big win. This type of online slot will usually have lots of bonus features like wilds, scatters, multipliers, and gamble rounds which increase your wins.

Online Bingo Slots Bonus

Bingo slots bonuses give players rewarding promotions and prizes. You can find all kinds of Tambola bingo slots bonuses that give free bets or match your deposit. Below you can find out some of the most popular bingo slots bonuses to get more rewards!

Online Slots Free Spins: Who says nothing in life comes for free? With free spins, you can play slots online without risking your own money. Best of all you get to keep your winnings. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Sticky Bingo Bonus: Sticky bonuses let players use their bonus money toward free credits. Players can use a sticky bonus to place a wager, but they cannot cash out the bonus. You can only cash out once you fulfill the wagering requirements and wager a certain number of times.

Cash Bonuses: Online bingo slots give players the chance to win real cash prizes online. You can even cash in cash bonuses. Look out for prize giveaways and cash bonuses to get the best slots offers.

You don’t have to take it from us. If you already love playing bingo games online, why not give bingo slots a try. Play Tambola bingo slots online with friends for a fun-packed game with friends.