Learn the Lingo of Bingo

Tambola invites you to play fun-filled online bingo games with real money prizes. Welcome to the best bingo site! You’ll love this cherished pastime that you can play with friends while winning cash on entertaining bingo games online.

If you have never played before at a new bingo site, not to worry! We’ve got a full list of all the important Tambola online bingo terminology. You’ll learn all you need to know to get started winning at online bingo sites in no time!


Online bingo games have an auto-daub feature that automatically marks a space that matches the bingo call.

Bingo Board

In an online bingo game, you can see the bingo calls displayed on the bingo board. Look for a screen which shows the numbers after each round.

Bingo Callers

In a bingo hall, the bingo callers sit on a stage or at the front of the room. This individual draws numbered balls randomly from a machine and calls the number/letter combination during each round of bingo. At the Tambola bingo site, a computer replaces the bingo caller and uses a random number generator to choose letter/number combinations arbitrarily.

Bingo Calls

During a game of bingo, the bingo callers announce a letter/number combination each round. They refer to this as the bingo call. After every bingo call, each player will check their card to see if they have a space that matches the bingo call. If yes, then the player marks the space on their sheet. At a bingo site, the computer will automatically announce each bingo call.

Bingo Chat

The best bingo site will let players interact with each other during the game. They can do this using an online chat room. Players can chat with friends about life, discuss bingo strategies, and share the excitement after winning bingo!

Blackout Bingo

A type of bingo game in which players aim to mark off every square on the board.

Bingo Chat Master (CM)

Bingo chat rooms may have a person in charge of the chat room to keep the conversation going or prevent any inappropriate comments.

Free Space

Many Tambola India bingo cards contain one or more free spaces. This counts as a marked space.

Progressive Jackpot

Online bingo games sometimes have a progressive jackpot prize. Each time a player makes a bet by purchasing a card, a portion of that money goes toward the jackpot. The jackpot continues to get larger until one lucky player wins and takes the entire pool.

Millions of people around the world love bingo. Win money while chatting with friends in this easy, fun game of chance. Play online bingo India to see if you’re the next lucky winner!